About us

Urban Thai was launched in 2011 by a mother-daughter duo, Mummy and Shahla.

Mummy is our beloved Thai chef. She succeeds in creating everyday a familial atmosphere in our cozy restaurant.
All her recipes are straight from Thailand. She brings the best Pad Thai, green and red curries, crabs, Pad Si Ew to the people of Shanghai. She loves to accommodate everybody by making it more or less spicy and vegetarian. Feel free to ask our waiter. For some of our VIPs she will also prepare some special out of the menu dishes. If you often come maybe you will get to try those…

Everything is fresh in our restaurant and we cautiously choose all our providers.

We try to waste as less as we can and follow strictly hygiene rules.

Our values are authenticity, conviviality and quality.

All of this is combined to a very fine selections of great but affordable wines as well as some signature drinks like the Bangkok breezer or
the Thai Iced Tea to complete this Experience.

City Week end readers have elected us as the “Best Southern Asian Restaurant” in 2012, and he hope to be rewarded again and again in the years to come.

We want to share this authentic Thai experience with you.
In Pad Thai we trust.

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