Tom Yum Season

Winter has arrived! It’s time for hot chocolate, alcoholic beverages and all things that warm you up inside… for most “Laowai” in Shanghai it is. For Chinese, it is the season of the hot pot, but then again, Chinese love their hot pot any season. To all Thai food lovers, it is definitely the best season for Tom Yum Soup. A little bit of spice and lemon grass tossed up with some yummy fresh prawns can melt anyone’s pot.
And this winter, at Urban Thai, we have our Tom Yum soup with a little extra something for you!!


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Special one: 1 Yuan Compaign

Only 1 RMB extra to upgrade the number of the prawns in your Tom Yum Soup!


This special offer is only valid

  • If you arrive at the restaurant  before 6:30pm
  • Follow our Wechat and share the message on your Wechat “Moment”
  • Not accumulative with other promotions
  • Dagu Lu Branch only

Special Two: Tom Yum “DIY”

Let’s create ourselves a Tom Yum Feast!

  • Plus 10 RMB, 3 more Unshelled Prawns
  • Plus 10 RMB, 2 New Zealand Mussel
  • Plus 10 RMB, 3 Pieces of Snapper Fillet
  • Plus 10 RMB, Assorted Vegetables

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